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Did you know?

Did you know that not every Whole Foods lets you walk around drinking while shopping?

Kevin Kearney from

Kevin was on a recent episode of TDI giving us a follow up on some advice we gave him on an earlier episode. So we added a Friends section to this site just so we could give you a link to his site.

Go listen to Kevin’s episodes and then go check out

Ackman’s gone

Bill Ackman finally stepped down from the JC Penny board today, and all I can think is that the JCP board continues to be weird.

This company is all over the place and can’t figure out its long term strategy. They didn’t give Johnson enough time to let his plan play out, and now they’re back to where they started.

Even if Johnson’s plan didn’t work, at least they would have tried to do something novel. It seems like they aren’t even trying anymore.

Just throw in the towel already, JCP. Let Macy’s and Kohls win.

Three Martini Lunch

We’re looking to start a new podcast!

It will be called Three Martini Lunch, and we’ll be discussing real business issues with real business owners. We’ll bring owner/operators on and help them tackle the issues surrounding their small businesses.

If you own a small business, you should definitely come on our show. You’ll get our help on solving your problems, you’ll get to tell our awesome listener base all about your product, and best of all you’ll have fun.

To join us, send us a note at

The economic cost of drinking

Here are a few interesting statistics from this Atlantic article:

  • The economic drag from hangovers is about $160 billion of lost productivity, which is the exact same amount of damage caused by natural disasters in 2012.  Think about that.  Hurricane Sandy, record setting floods, the Oklahoma tornado, and all the news-worthy earthquakes tried as hard as they could to cause damage, but they could just barely cause enough to break even with that even little bastard, the hangover.
  • Excessive drinking in total costs the economy more than $220 billion.  So, there’s $60 million more damage that drinking causes.  The table below shows that the next biggest costs are in healthcare (e.g. alcohol poisoning) and crime (e.g. stealing your neighbor’s Christmas decorations because they put them up before Thanksgiving.


Three Drinks In: Episode 32

Three Drinks In: Episode 32

In this episode of Three Drinks In, we discuss the idea of a grocery store/gym – just the act of going grocery shopping is a work-out.


Three Drinks In: Episode 31

Three Drinks In: Episode 31

In this episode of Three Drinks In, Brian and I discuss a brew pub where there is no food – just beer that tastes like food

Some thoughts on Apple

I always struggle to put a good valuation on AAPL.

I mean, what’s apples real competitive advantage? What’s their economic moat?

Microsoft’s moat lies heavily within office, especially excel. No one has been able to overcome the inertia of excel. I’ve never met anyone in corporate america that uses Google docs as their primary analysis tool. I’d be surprised if I ever do in the next 5 years. Switching costs are a bitch.

Google has search and maps. I mean Google is a verb for an Internet search. You Google something; you don’t just look it up online. Also, I don’t know anyone that uses anything but google maps without being insulted. When SNL says google maps is the best (see lazy Sunday), that’s some strong inertia.

iPods and iPhones are popular. Hell, I’m writing this on my iPhone. However, apple’s value comes from its “coolness” not so much its inertia. It’s cool to have the iPhone (the phone capitalizes the P there), even if it doesn’t do much more than the previous model.

I think Apple is like a drug company. It launches products that are amazing for a little while, but they’re relatively easy to commoditize over time. Sure, the new product is a huge hit and a huge money maker for some time, but it’s fleeting. There’s no real inertia that I can point to.

Are there any pharma analysts out there that could take a stab at valuing AAPL like a drug company with unpredictable product launches? I’d be interested in seeing something like that.

New TDI episode up soon

Now that Ryan has finished his his latest semester of b-school, we finally recorded another episode of Three Drinks In, which should be posted soon.

You all should listen to it once it’s up.


While sitting on the metra, being a couple drinks in, and while seeing some older folks, I thought of this saying.

I’m not here on this planet to survive. I’m here to live.

I’m sure someone else has said it before, but I don’t care.

I’ll most likely genetically forget everyone that has ever been important to me. I may as well make them an important part of my life while I still can.


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