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Ryan and I met in college, where we were part of the same fraternity.  In spite of drinking more than we should at inappropriate times, we both graduated with honors with degrees in finance from Northern Illinois University.

After I graduated, I took a job in a strategy / corporate development group for a private equity portfolio company.  Through the great recession, I focused mostly on mergers and acquisitions (both buying and selling) with some strategic growth initiative (gotta love buzzwords!) work peppered in for good measure.  I now work in investor relations for a CPG company.  I’m a CFA Charterholder, and my go-to cocktail is a Bourbon + Coke Zero.

Ryan has spent his time since undergrad working in fp&a, supporting the technology group of a Fortune 100 company.  Somehow, he has conned the company into sponsoring him through his MBA, which he plans on completing in 2014 [citation needed].  Ryan’s too weak to handle hard liquor, so he defaults to Coors heavy or Guinness draught.

It is true that Ryan and I lived together for one unholy year, where we each gained at least 20 pounds.  Those nights of sipping Coors heavy, making friends with the liquor store owner (he still remembers us) and rambling on about business, politics, and why Guinness extra stout is way better than Guinness draught were the inspiration for our podcast, Three Drinks In, know simply as TDI to the cool kids.

This blog is our way of brainstorming for TDI episodes, expanding on comments we made during a show, or just being able to complete a thought without being cut off by Ryan.

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